BIGC Organisational Website

The British Institute for Geological Conservation was founded in 1987. It comprises an independent group of Earth Scientists committed to the conservation of important geological and geomorphological sites.

It was founded when the UK-wide Geological Condervation Review (GCR) was disbanded, in order to maintain the important network of contacts that had been developed within the GCR. Today, it continues to reinforce the scientific basis of geoconservation in Britain. In 1991, the Institute was registered with the Charity Commissioners, and in 1992 it became a registered company.

In the Memorandum of Association, the aims of the Institute are given as follows:

* To promote or develop for the benefit of the public the pursuit of geological conservation.
* To promote research into geological conservation and to publish the useful results of such research.

Our aim is, therefore, to provide a forum for discussing aspects of geoconservation, covering such matters as site selection, conservation principles and practice, public awareness and requirements, and the role and activities of the various conservation agencies. Our website will tell you more about the history of the Institute, its key activities, its staff and some of the geological sites it has become involved with. Please follow the links above to discover more.


BIGC committee meeting at University of Bristol 2014
Left to right. Prof Mike Benton (Chairman), Dr Bill Wimbledon,  Mr John Macadam, Miss Isla Gladstone,Dr Chris Cleal (Secretary),
Dr Tom A Hose, Prof Barry A Thomas (Treasurer). Dr Sarah King ( not pictured ) Dr Kevin Page (not pictured).
Photograph by Ben Evans BIGC Project Manager